Sorry, but the form owner disabled submissions from your country. Please use an alternative way of getting in contact.

Posted by: kap on May 3, 2023

week 1 : may 3-9
week 2: may 10-16
week 3: may 7-23
week 4: may 24-30
week 5: may 31-june 6
week 6: june 7-13
week 7: june 14-20
week 8: june 21-27

Posted by: houndmommy on May 5, 2023

an FYI that might help others
getting that same "disabled submissions from your country" message
tried all browsers on laptop and cell
as a test I disabled home wifi on cell, and used phone provider wireless instead
Went to 7-11 contest website in Chrome on my cell and it worked

Something about my BC Telus Optik Internet that the form can't detect my location as Canada.

Posted by: willymike on May 6, 2023

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