I got this when I entered:
You are now entered in the Atlantic City Tinseltown Holiday Getaway Giveaway! Your one submission will automatically enter you in all the drawings. Refer to official rules for more details.

Posted by: mjrudy on October 23, 2023

Thanks, mjrudy

Posted by: made0909 on October 28, 2023

Not sure how this works. Does that mean I just put in one entry, and that entry will carry over to all the drawings without me putting in any more entries? Can I put in daily entries for more chances, or am I limited to one entry per week? Thank you for any help.

Posted by: dali on November 5, 2023

yes, sounds like a Scout's honor..

Posted by: eyewin98 on November 5, 2023

Got a "boot failed" message

Posted by: carol85 on November 6, 2023

You just put in ONE entry. If you try to put in another, say tomorrow or next week, you will get a box with an exclamation point. The box says "to send your answer and validate that you only participate once, please sign in with your facebook account."

Posted by: mjrudy on November 6, 2023

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