All of these ones lately I get "Sorry, but the form owner disabled submissions from your country. Please use an alternative way of getting in contact."

Posted by: snarky1 on November 5, 2023

works for me....using Chrome, located in Canada

Posted by: lnelson8 on November 5, 2023

I found that I get that "disabled" message on all 7-11 contests on my home Telus Optik internet in BC, no matter what computer, windows version or browser I used
Only way I can enter 7-11 contests is to use my phone connected to my mobile (not home wi-fi) network.

Posted by: willymike on November 5, 2023

Thanks willymike, that was it. Telus in BC must not be in Canada!

Posted by: snarky1 on November 6, 2023

BC Telus here as well , I live about 5 minutes from the border, maybe they think we are in Washington state? lol.

Posted by: scorpio on November 6, 2023

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