"You must have permission from your Nominee in order to nominate them, including permission to provide their email address."

Posted by: JBRITTAIN2 on November 20, 2023

"Sorry! Only one entry is allowed.
Multiple submissions are disabled for this form"

Posted by: QueenMom on November 21, 2023

I got the same message, bummer.

Posted by: Trying2win on November 21, 2023

I wonder if the person you nominate has to also be a resident of those states. It doesn't say.

Posted by: libchick on November 21, 2023

" Nominees must also meet the above eligibility criteria" Too bad. I live in their geographic area but was going to nominate a friend who doesn;t.

Posted by: kombucha on November 21, 2023

It's definitely supposed to be daily. Maybe they'll fix it.

Each Nominator may upload one (1) Entry per day during the Promotion Period. You may nominate the same Nominee more than one time

Posted by: asdf on November 21, 2023

I contacted them - they said it's a daily and to clear my cache. I deleted the cookies and it let me submit again.

Posted by: newsome815 on November 21, 2023

thanks newsome

Posted by: QueenMom on November 21, 2023

They must've fixed it. I just tried it without clearing anything & it worked this time.

Posted by: asdf on November 21, 2023

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