For some reason $9,999 doesn't sound as good as $10,000.

Posted by: atentries on April 30, 2024

per rules:

Maximum of one entry per person during the Registration Period into the grand prize sweepstakes drawing. Maximum of one instant win game play per entrant per day.

So after the first entry, the rest of the entries are just for the instant win worth $9.99.

I agree atentries, $10k sounds better than $9,999. LOL

Posted by: BeverlyWill on April 30, 2024

Thanks BeverlyWill for that info. I will definitely be treating this one as a single entry.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on April 30, 2024

It wouldn't work on Firefox, but it worked on Google Chrome.

Posted by: RunningFree on May 1, 2024

so this is single entry?

Posted by: kathynielson on May 2, 2024

one time only?

Posted by: kathynielson on May 2, 2024

kathynielson, the sweepstakes is single entry. The instant win is daily.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 2, 2024

thank you!

Posted by: kathynielson on May 7, 2024

official start was 3.1

Posted by: eyewin98 on May 30, 2024

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