Anyone else having trouble trying to enter again? I cleared my website data and it says it sent me the confirmation email again but I never received anything

Posted by: johnnyalright on May 12, 2024

Seems like every contest they have, there is always some glitch. Not receiving the email confirmation to log in

Posted by: Myla on May 12, 2024

Yep! Got this message: An error occurred. I'm out.

Posted by: dcw0870 on May 13, 2024

Their BACKYARD sweeps responds but keeps saying "an error occurred", past 2 days, both seem to be a waste of time. Maybe this is Bud's way of endearing themselves to us !

Posted by: huricane on May 13, 2024


I get the same "An Error Has Occurred" message
after trying to go through the verify e-mail link @
09:25 am PT.


Posted by: BlueMoon80 on May 13, 2024

johnnyalright - I'm getting the same thing email oh and also not letting me enter after filling in... that's another new problem as of late.
Perhaps they're drinking on the job! LOL

Posted by: eyewin98 on May 14, 2024

got in just fine-but the entry is a PIA first you have to do that eye test a thousand times then have to check your email to verify. Not worth the time and aggravation.

Posted by: boops on May 16, 2024

These bud ones are always a prob.

Posted by: nicole369nikki on May 16, 2024

This one sucks! It's totally hit and miss

Posted by: johnnyalright on May 16, 2024

Now it's stuck at 'verifying...'

Posted by: Msd1 on May 17, 2024


Posted by: Splash on May 17, 2024

same here

Posted by: kathynielson on May 18, 2024

Same for me too

Posted by: bentrd on May 19, 2024

Literally never works. Whatever happened to large cash sweepstakes that were simple to enter?
Since the great recession all that is offered is a lot of small junky stuff and the sponsors want you to jump through hoops!

Posted by: Lily22 on May 19, 2024

I received a msg from the company saying the contest is working now. I still couldn't get it to work. Maybe someone else would like to try.

Posted by: dav997 on May 20, 2024

"BUD KEEP IT EASY" is working as of today. But this one "BUD LIGHT SUMMER EASY ROUND" is not working

Posted by: huricane on May 21, 2024

Hi Hurricane - Bud Keep It Easy still isn't sending me the mail just like the other one

Posted by: eyewin98 on May 21, 2024

You have to wait a while before entering the other one. I waited like an hour and then it worked

Posted by: johnnyalright on May 21, 2024

not working again 2:45 fri. 5/24 "internal error"

Posted by: huricane on May 24, 2024


Like is anyone succeeding?

Posted by: eyewin98 on May 25, 2024

I got in several times, it's hit and miss

Posted by: huricane on May 26, 2024

Always a long wait for each step. I wait an hour then do email click, but close when it opens. Then click email again, and wait. That often works - but not always.

Posted by: beekster2 on May 26, 2024

keep getting an "error" today

Posted by: huricane on May 30, 2024

Today's error:
This Deployment has been disabled.
Your connection is work

Posted by: newsome815 on June 2, 2024

I got "Vercil Security Checkpoint, it will take a few moments to load" IT DID NOT LOAD EVEN AFTER WAITING 2 HRS. !

Posted by: huricane on June 2, 2024

Today I got 404 error - 'forbidden' - on the page which usually lets you enter your email.

Posted by: beekster2 on June 5, 2024


Posted by: Splash on June 5, 2024

I've only been able to enter this contest once. Must be a single entry - lol. I tried entering it today, said check your email for a code but never received it.

Posted by: dav997 on June 5, 2024

I got an error message

Posted by: ruthlessu81 on June 5, 2024

I'm forbidden

Posted by: huricane on June 5, 2024

Error: Forbidden

403: Forbidden
ID: cle1::fm89c-1717615474904-3f80266bb416

Posted by: chiagirl on June 5, 2024

I'm getting the same message

Posted by: jacknoell on June 6, 2024




Posted by: eyewin98 on June 7, 2024

I NEVER liked Bud Lite .. SO THERE

Posted by: eyewin98 on June 7, 2024

Would not let me long in on either one today.

Posted by: Mary1943 on June 9, 2024

Same old same old

Posted by: jacknoell on June 12, 2024

I think Bud Lite is having a picnic with(out) us!

Posted by: eyewin98 on June 12, 2024

for whatever reason, both of the bud light sweeps have given me no trouble the past 4-5 days

Posted by: huricane on June 13, 2024

Eight days ago I "won" $50. It said you will receive an email within 48 hours with in regards to the prize. I never received the email about the prize. I have checked my spam folder, no email.

Posted by: bradshaw5 13 hours ago

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