I got a message that I had reached the maximum number of entries

Posted by: atentries on June 5, 2024

I got the same message. Does entering the other NBC sweep have anything to do with it?

Posted by: RunningFree on June 5, 2024

Does not take my email.

Posted by: DWLB1952 on June 5, 2024

I have an NBC account and skated right through.

Posted by: skeeter on June 5, 2024

I got that same message but while I ws entering the other NBC sweeos.

Posted by: trwus on June 5, 2024

I got the "maximum number of entries" but then was able to enter in incognito without issue.

Posted by: newsome815 on June 6, 2024

got same max entry message
worked in icognito

Posted by: itsjustme on June 6, 2024

They need to fix it. You can enter one NBC giveaway or the other, once per day, but not both.

Posted by: asdf on June 7, 2024

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