NHL - Hat Trick Challenge Sweepstakes

NHL - Hat Trick Challenge Sweepstakes
Prize: $20,000 or one of their weekly prizes of tickets to an NHL game. You have to answer three multiple choice questions each day mostly about predicting the outcome of different hockey games. You score points when you make correct predictions and the winner will be the person with the best score at the end of the hockey season.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $20000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: June 20, 2019posted on October 30, 2018


Whenever an NHL player scores an actual hat trick, you get a free hat trick on that day.

Posted by: Maliergo on October 30, 2018

sheesh, won't let me create an account. says it already exists, but when I do the lost password option, it says does not recognize my email address. aargh

Posted by: scorpio on October 30, 2018

Scorpio, that's what happened to me also. I just created the account with a different user name.

Posted by: kszaraz on October 30, 2018

If you have an NHL account from other contests, use that. I've been playing this one since it started, hubby made me lol, I know nothing about hockey and believe it or not, I was in first place for a while...with about 10000 other people :) Not doing so good now but at the top of my league, don't think hubby likes me beating him though :P

Posted by: luv2win on October 30, 2018

You can do yours choices for a few days, it doesn't have to be daily. As of today, October 1st, my choices have been made through November the 8th.

Posted by: Maliergo on October 31, 2018

I am still not able to enter! I even went to NHL.com to try and create a new account there, I still get the same error message. Even contacting them hasn't helped, they keep asking me what TV station I subscribe to. grrrr.

Posted by: scorpio on October 31, 2018

their help desk figured it out for me, I had to log in via FB, then fill in the new account info. Well, it worked! So now I can enter

Posted by: scorpio on November 1, 2018

Good stuff & good luck Scorpio, checked today when I made my picks for the next few days (which you can go back and change btw ) and I'm in 7684 th place or some such lol.

Posted by: luv2win on November 1, 2018

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