Renewal By Andersen - Renew Your Home Sweepstakes

Renewal By Andersen - Renew Your Home Sweepstakes
Prize: one of four prizes of a $10,000 voucher usable for Renewal by Andersen products and accompanying installation. There are also weekly prizes of a $25 Starbucks gift card. You will be agreeing to be contacted for sales calls if you enter.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--in Canada it's only open to BC and ON only--you have to live in a area with a Renewal by Andersen vendor
Value: $10000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: January 14, 2020posted on January 18, 2019


can u mark the Canada flag :)

Posted by: anonymous on January 18, 2019

I entered this contest for years and never saw who the winner ever was. They called a lot! Not worth it to me

Posted by: cbond58 on January 18, 2019

I have said this before. These people will hound you - more than one call a day, from different salespeople - yikes.

Posted by: The Nance on January 18, 2019

I entered this last year and it is not worth it at all. They will keep calling you three times each day without stopping, I had to get the number blocked for the calls to stop. Avoid this at all costs! It's more of data collection than a sweeps.

Posted by: anonymous on January 18, 2019

My immediate hunch was to avoid this one. Thank you for posting the warnings.

Posted by: anonymous on January 18, 2019

I won a starbucks card a few years back. Didn't know who it was from, but looked up the contests I had entered and it could have only been this one - they do call a lot.

Posted by: heartonelove on January 18, 2019

canada too

Posted by: anonymous on January 19, 2019

Thanks for the warning. Will avoid this one!

Posted by: liser1232 on January 20, 2019

save yourself - they will not stop calling

Posted by: jenw on January 20, 2019

Thanks for the warning! Definitely not worth entering.

Posted by: Bonsai on January 20, 2019


Posted by: anonymous on January 25, 2019

So many people have complained about unwanted, repeated phone calls from this company. I, in all the time I have been entering and really, really hoping to win, have never received one call from them. Posting this so some are not scared away thinking numerous follow up calls happen to everyone.

Posted by: altheajj on February 26, 2019

I notice on their website that the Vancouver location serves the "Greater Vancouver area" So, no point in entering if we reside outside of that?

Posted by: Lee93 on March 10, 2019

I won a Starbucks card from them last year. As far as calls go, you don't have to check the box that says you want them to call you. If they do call me, I never answer because 90% of the calls I receive every day are spam calls. I do not answer my phone for anyone unless they are in my contacts. Even then those people are suspect ;)

Posted by: Coke4Life on March 28, 2019

I got a call from them at 6:36am while I was sleeping... I have never checked the box saying its ok to contact me.

Posted by: zonkr68 on March 31, 2019

They call repeatedly and then if you answer and say "Hello," they hang up on you! Not worth the hassle.

Posted by: bingop1 on May 20, 2019

Seriously. I just entered and they called me in about 10 seconds!

Posted by: Jime01 on June 4, 2019

I decided to enter this one for the first time LAST NIGHT and already got my first call at 9:30 this morning. Woman sounded like she just rolled out of bed.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on July 18, 2019

they called me as soon as I entered.

Posted by: Doves on September 5, 2019

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