Seasons Vet Clinic - Peace Of Mind Contest

Seasons Vet Clinic - Peace Of Mind Contest
Prize: a Peace of Mind Pet prize package worth over $1,000.
Restrictions:  Winnipeg area only
Requires:  Facebook
Value: $1000
Frequency: Single Entry
End Date: September 30, 2020posted on September 20, 2019
Thanks to: Parallel for telling me about this one


The veterinary clinic who's sponsoring this contest is based in Winnipeg, MB. Part of the prize package is for veterinary care at that clinic.

If you don't live in Winnipeg, don't waste entries or time. Let someone else IN Winnipeg have a better chance at winning, receiving (costly) and deserved veterinary care! Give a Winnipeg pawrent an opportunity to give THEIR pet a free check-up (in spring) and six months worth of food! Lord knows there are TOO many loving pet guardians who can't afford vet care, LOVE their "kids", and do their best to see that their family member/companion is well-cared for!

Please consider this before you randomly enter the contest.

See what you can win below:

* 6 months of free dog/cat food from Hills Pet Nutrition
* 2019 Spring Check-up at Seasons Vet Clinic, including heartworm and tick preventatives provided by Boehringer and Nexgard Spectra
* A free dental exam at Seasons Vet Clinic
* A 1-month free pet insurance policy from Petplan

Whether you have a puppy or kitten, a pet at the prime of their life, or a senior pet, increase your peace of mind and help improve your pet's health and happiness.

Posted by: DarthKater on September 20, 2019

Great post, Darth! I'm in the 'peg....bonus for referral:

Posted by: Catspajamas on September 20, 2019

also daily :)

Posted by: Catspajamas on September 20, 2019

Used Cat's

Posted by: DanaRoman on September 20, 2019

Used DanaRoman's... mine is:

Posted by: Marcus75 on September 20, 2019

I used marcus's link. Mine is:

Posted by: intensev5 on September 22, 2019

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