PC Optimum - Dashing Through The Points Contest

PC Optimum - Dashing Through The Points Contest
Prize: 15 prizes of 1,000,000 PC Optimum Points, 100 prizes of 100,000 PC Optimum Points, 100 prizes of a 1 year of PC Insiders Subscription, 10 prizes of Esso/Mobil Free gas for a year or 3 prizes of a Samsung S10 phone, worth up to $2,600. There are also over 700,000 instant win prizes of either 10,000 or 1,000 PC Optimum Points. Website signup is required--load your offers weekly to play Dashing Through the Points.
Restrictions:  PC Optimum member (free)
Value: $2600
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: December 11, 2019posted on November 15, 2019
Thanks to: Parallel for telling me about this one


Love the instant prizes. You've won 8000 PC points..... if you spend 30 dollars in store. Hmmmm......

Posted by: jmclou01 on November 19, 2019

Ya I used it yesterday lol

Posted by: cassmat on November 20, 2019

Got 1000 points, no purchase necessary

Posted by: willymike on November 28, 2019

I've won 1000 points twice so far!

Posted by: shirz87 on December 5, 2019

I won 1000 points. I guess that's $10 worth of merchandise. Not bad / I'll take it.

Posted by: calias96 23 hours ago

1000 points is $1

Posted by: lbishere 15 hours ago

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