Saverlife - Tax Pledge Sweepstakes

Saverlife - Tax Pledge Sweepstakes
Prize: one of 400 instant-win prizes of a $50 PayPal payment.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $50
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: April 13, 2020posted on December 4, 2019



This is a single entry.

Limit of one (1) Instant Win Game per person, per email throughout the Promotion.

Posted by: sweepsaddict on December 4, 2019

It says you can have 1 entry per entry period and each entry period is a week. You have to create an account with them.

Upon registering, you will earn one (1) gameplay for the Entry Period in which you register. For subsequent Entry Periods, you will earn one (1) gameplay by visiting and entering your SaverLife email address.

Posted by: booful on December 4, 2019

I guess we will see next week

Posted by: sweepsaddict on December 5, 2019

Says I m ineligible to enter, account is too new, I didn t save $5, etc.

Posted by: rockerpoet07 on December 8, 2019

rockerpoet07, there should be 2 sweeps to enter and the buttons are right next to each other. The $50 entry button should be to the left of the one you picked.

Posted by: SLGrey on December 29, 2019

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