Kellogg's - MLS Soccer Contest

Kellogg's - MLS Soccer Contest
Prize: one of five prizes of a trip for four to an MLS game, worth $8,825. There are also 50,6200 instant win prizes of game tickets, gift cards or food products. You can enter with purchase of participating products or alternately use their link for an essay entry here.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--one entry per purchase
Value: $8825
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: September 6, 2020posted on May 11, 2020
Thanks to: SandyT for telling me about this one


I got a message finally saying that my essay was not accepted but I really don't know why?

Posted by: MaryA on May 17, 2020

Has anyone got the follow-up email after winning?

Posted by: sandyt on May 18, 2020

can you enter more than one essay?

Posted by: audrey61 on May 18, 2020

I won two instant wins but only had a follow-up email for one of them to say
I had won a bag of chips.

Posted by: lin13 on May 19, 2020

The word count was probably under 50 words, that is what happened to me

Posted by: dizee on May 19, 2020

I can't get secondary keloggs page to load

Posted by: crazeeTbird on May 19, 2020

Yes I have had 2 letters saying I won a little,prize.

Posted by: maddmom on May 22, 2020

I have now submitted 3 entries and have only had a confirmation of one of them. I count my words every time and I am always over 50. You are allowed 6 entries in total.

Posted by: lin13 on May 28, 2020

thanks for the info lin13, I didn't realize you are only allowed 6 entries. I submitted and received notification that I won at least 4 times but only received one confirmation of a prize. I guess I will stop entering now. LOL

Posted by: MaryA on May 28, 2020

Sorry, I made a mistake in my comment above, you are allowed 6 wins per person, not six entries

Posted by: lin13 on May 28, 2020

Today I received 3 free product coupons, so it looks like they are not sending out confirmation emails, just the coupons.

Posted by: lin13 on May 29, 2020

thanks lin13 for the info! Congrats!

Posted by: MaryA on May 29, 2020

Hi everyone..Would someone tell me the meaning of the asterisk (*) in the STQ

20 / 4 * 2 + 5 - 9

Thanks a bunch

Posted by: calias96 on June 2, 2020


Posted by: Parallel on June 2, 2020

Thanks Parallel

Posted by: calias96 on June 21, 2020

Has anyone inquired about the entry limit? I read the rules and did not see an entry limit noted anywhere. I see that there is a limit to wins per household...but I don't know the entry limit:
There is a limit of one (1) MLS VIP Experience Instant Win Prize per household, and one (1) MLS Gift Card or MLS Game tickets Instant Win Prize per household. There is a limit of six (6) Coupon Instant Win Prizes per household.

Posted by: paula3kids on July 16, 2020

Hi paula3kids, I don't think there is a limit to how many entries, just no more than 6 instant wins, I had 6 wins and only received 5 coupons, good luck to you!

Posted by: lin13 on July 18, 2020

Ok thanks lin13 :-) guess I will keep entering. Good luck to you too!

Posted by: paula3kids on July 19, 2020

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