- Tenet Contest - Tenet Contest
Prize: a $1,000 prepaid Visa gift card.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $1000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: October 9, 2020posted on September 16, 2020


Be aware that this requires you to be very knowledgeable about this new movie called 'Tenet' and you will have to do a crossword puzzle about the movie.

Posted by: kittykat412 on September 16, 2020

I was able to enter without doing the crossword puzzle and I couldn't find anywhere where it said it was required.

Posted by: Dana2 on September 16, 2020

where is the crossword, I simply filled in the info and submitted it, got a thank you too

Posted by: seadog on September 16, 2020

under the entry form there is a "Click here to play the Tenet crossword" Not required to play to enter.

Posted by: BobsMum on September 16, 2020

when I read the rules it didn't show the crossword was required to enter. I think the crossword puzzle is just for fun.

Posted by: yidchick on September 17, 2020

IF I must do the puzzle to collect the prize I will do it then, otherwise I pass.

Posted by: seadog on September 17, 2020

if anyone knows the answer to 19 down I would appreciate it

Posted by: seadog on September 17, 2020

i guess you can just click to reveal the answers lol

Posted by: seadog on September 17, 2020

seadog - answer to 19 down is BLOCKBUSTER

Posted by: rbruce on September 18, 2020

did anyone get 1 down

Posted by: martin4722 on September 18, 2020


Posted by: seadog on September 18, 2020

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