Expedia Cruises - Dream Vacation 2021 Sweepstakes

Expedia Cruises - Dream Vacation 2021 Sweepstakes
Prize: a Caribbean cruise for two worth up to $5,000, including airfare. Canadians enter here.
Restrictions:  21 or older
Value: $5000
Frequency: Monthly Entry
End Date: November 5, 2021posted on January 2, 2021


+1 referral chain-from email sent after entering..


Posted by: scott2663 on January 2, 2021

used Scott


Posted by: michaelhall1k on January 2, 2021

used michael


Posted by: VPIGUY on January 2, 2021

used vpiguy


Posted by: lance on January 2, 2021

Used lance


Posted by: pfisterfarm on January 2, 2021

Hope I did that right... seems kind of strange

Posted by: pfisterfarm on January 2, 2021

Used pfiater


Posted by: ttcgirl on January 2, 2021

used ttcgirl


Posted by: jasonkinnin on January 2, 2021

Used jason's link


Posted by: crobich on January 2, 2021

Used crobich


Posted by: Dianagee88 on January 2, 2021

Used Dianagee88


Posted by: annstens on January 2, 2021

I'm trying to enter. It said "You've already entered Annette". I assume it meant annstens. Weird

Posted by: Tycobbn on January 2, 2021

The last few people left their own link which exposes your first name. I can't figure out how to get mine correctly so I'm moving on.

Posted by: Tycobbn on January 2, 2021

Used jasonkinnin's link as that was the last one that was the correct type of link (and also Canadian in case it matters).


Posted by: Dana2 on January 2, 2021

Used Dana (also a Canadian entry)


Posted by: salsky on January 3, 2021

saldy's would not work. Used Dana's


Posted by: tikimongoose on January 3, 2021

I got an e-mail with a link but it took me to the page where you have to enter someone's name and e-mail address. Where is the correct referral link?

Posted by: trey4u on January 3, 2021

used tikimongoose


Posted by: Andie13 on January 3, 2021

used Andie


Posted by: Kimmies on January 3, 2021

Here's my link - incorrect above:


Posted by: Kimmies on January 3, 2021

Used Kimmies


Posted by: kdawg7445 on January 3, 2021

Your first link was correct Kimmies. The 2nd link is the incorrect one that shows your first name.

Posted by: Tycobbn on January 3, 2021

used Kimmies


Posted by: mimiboy on January 3, 2021

mimiboy's above url is not the correct kind of share link. Therefore I could not use anyone's url. Here is mine:


Posted by: where72 on January 9, 2021

You could've used Kimmies. Mimi's being incorrect doesn't prevent you from using someone link lol

Posted by: Tycobbn on January 9, 2021

used where's


Posted by: jpich on August 10, 2021

used jpich


Posted by: mimiboy on August 18, 2021

Used mimiboy


Posted by: karenlou411 on September 6, 2021

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