Heineken - Star Quality Sweepstakes

Heineken - Star Quality Sweepstakes
Prize: one of 12 prizes of a $1,040 Visa gift card.
Restrictions:  21 or older--no PO boxes
Value: $1040
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: December 31, 2021posted on January 5, 2021


a photo of what?

Posted by: idosew on January 5, 2021

Per the Contest Rules, the photo is of a perfectly poured pint of Heineken.

Posted by: Mariatini on January 5, 2021

Per rules, you can copy and paste one from the internet.

Posted by: heyfunnymom on January 5, 2021

You must own the copyright of the photo you submit, you can't just do an internet swipe. It's against the rules, and against the law.

Posted by: amiage on January 5, 2021

From rules:
"Note:No beer purchase is necessary to enter, an entrant may upload or share a picture of any perfectly poured Heineken , including depictions from advertising."

Posted by: heyfunnymom on January 5, 2021

It does state the following and you have to agree
:I confirm that I am the owner of the copyright of this media and have permission from all individuals shown and that my submission otherwise complies with the Official Rules.

Posted by: edeliz on January 5, 2021

A fine conundrum indeed, you do have to say you own it and have permission, but I think in this case if you use Heineken-owned material, they are clearly giving you permission to use their own material. I wouldn't use any photo that isn't owned by them though. If it was a legal case, their own rules are stating clearly that you may use their material.

Posted by: athenag on January 6, 2021

If you look at the photo gallery, it looks like only 8 pictures have been approved since the beginning of the sweepstakes. ????

Posted by: krberridge on January 9, 2021

Can we submit the same picture every day?

Posted by: babette296 on January 9, 2021

As I interpret the rules, it requires a different picture for each entry:

"If an entrant enters more than one (1) time per entry
method, per day, or attempts to submit the same Entry multiple times, only the first such Entry or first Entry for such day will be included in the Sweepstakes."

Posted by: babette296 on January 10, 2021

I think whoever wrote the rules had him/herself a few too many Henikens!!

Posted by: elliott on January 29, 2021

This last a whole year? And you have to have a different photo every day? Good lawd they trying to make us all alcoholics! LOL!

Posted by: athenag on February 10, 2021

i put a picture up holding the beer I use it everyday just hope my entry are counted.

Posted by: bugielady88 on March 21, 2021

Actually received an email today that I have been added to the gallery. I have been submitting a pic everyday since it started and first acknowledgement. I gave up sending different pics and have been using the same one everyday.

Posted by: Winks on September 7, 2021

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