Milwaukee Tools - Milwaukee Monday Giveaway

Milwaukee Tools - Milwaukee Monday Giveaway
Prize: one of their weekly prizes of a cordless Milwaukee tool, worth up to $500. Note that at the time I wrote this one up, the rules say it ended in December 2020. They keep updating their page with a different prize each week so I think it's still going.
Restrictions:  18 or older--no QC
Value: $500
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: December 31, 2021posted on January 13, 2021



Posted by: Lee93 on January 22, 2021

Sorry, that was just meant as a personal reminder.

Posted by: Lee93 on January 23, 2021

the 27th isn't a Monday:-)

Posted by: seadog on January 24, 2021

Think it's yet another I need to bail on.

Posted by: sidetracker on February 22, 2021

looks like they have eliminated the DIY enthusiasts from entering.

Posted by: guitargal on March 22, 2021

guitargal I saw DIY at the bottom of the list today.

Posted by: Mugwamp on April 1, 2021

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