ScotchBlue - Painter Tape Sweepstakes

ScotchBlue - Painter Tape Sweepstakes
Prize: a Ram 1500 truck, worth $60,000.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--you must have a driver's license--no PO boxes
Value: $60000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: October 31, 2021posted on July 3, 2021
Thanks to: sneakypete for telling me about this one


what type of company do you need to have?

Posted by: mw21 on July 3, 2021

1 & NONE

Posted by: flajintsfan on July 3, 2021

I put none it works.

Posted by: bugielady88 on July 3, 2021

I tried to leave it blank and got the following message: Company is Required

Posted by: dcw0870 on July 3, 2021

For "Company" you can choose N/A from the dropdown.

Posted by: roseville1 on July 3, 2021

no drop down...

Posted by: flajintsfan on July 4, 2021

What I meant was, if you click on the Company field, N/A pops up down below. That was in Chrome.

Posted by: roseville1 on July 4, 2021

You can also type in "self"

Posted by: ScottB on July 4, 2021

consumer, self, N/A

Posted by: orphanedious on July 5, 2021

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