Circle K - Rock Paper Prizes Summer Fun Contest & IW

Circle K - Rock Paper Prizes Summer Fun Contest & IW
Prize: one of nine prizes of either a Sea-Doo, fuel for a year, Patrick Mahones helmet & football or $2,000, worth up to $11,000. There are also 33 weekly prizes of various outdoor gear or over a million instant win prizes of free product coupons or BOGO coupons.
Restrictions:  13 or older--BC, AB, SK, MB, NT, ON, NB, NS, PE and NL only
Value: $11000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: September 13, 2021posted on July 20, 2021
Thanks to: sweetsuv for telling me about this one


I don't see the entry form

Posted by: guitargal on July 20, 2021

guitargal did you notice it's a phone entry?

Posted by: Mugwamp on July 20, 2021

yay I played with a drag queen!

Posted by: Beigewood on July 22, 2021

havent won on my first play once on this contest. Won on my first play every time last contest.

Posted by: Darlowe on July 22, 2021

same with me Darlowe, won every day last time, nothing so far on this contest

Posted by: GG on July 22, 2021

I won this contest but it was buy one get one Circle K water.

Posted by: stand on July 22, 2021

free chips water and energy drinks...really just entering for a weekly or grand prize

Posted by: cassmat on July 24, 2021

Why did they bother making this a bogus rock paper scissors game? It's not even guaranteed to be properly random. On each go, their server/script knows what you played and then determines what to play against you.

Posted by: Tuor87 14 hours ago

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