Boulangerie St. Methode - The Art of Entertaining Contest

Boulangerie St. Methode - The Art of Entertaining Contest
Prize: one of prizes of a dishware set worth $400.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority
Value: $400
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: November 21, 2021posted on September 27, 2021
Thanks to: sheilaz for telling me about this one



Posted by: Momof3 on September 27, 2021

Thank you!

Posted by: margaret44 on September 27, 2021

merci Momof3

Posted by: OmarBongo on September 27, 2021

Each set of dishware includes ten (10) pieces: one (1) pitcher and manila rope, one (1) grey planchetta, one (1) butter dish, two (2) cups, two (2) gamelle plates, one (1) soup bowl, one (1) creamer.

you ad your guest will have to fight over the soup bowl lol

Posted by: Beigewood on September 27, 2021

Thanks all.

Posted by: AnnieR on September 28, 2021

After entering, I get a message saying that they have sent a confirmation email, and to check your junk mail if it hasn't been received. I've entered two days now and there is no confirmation email from them anywhere. Has anyone else received it?

Posted by: chachacha on September 30, 2021

yes chachacha I got the confirmation email.

Posted by: Beigewood on September 30, 2021

I haven't received a confirmation and have entered twice.

Posted by: miali1 on October 1, 2021

what did you get for the answer?? I got : 9X3 + 2 = 20 but it said it is wrong???

Posted by: 1Mindy2 on October 4, 2021





Posted by: Beigewood on October 4, 2021

ur grande mere will be jelly :) when u win this

Posted by: mastodon on October 14, 2021

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