Renewal By Andersen - Renew Your Home Sweepstakes

Renewal By Andersen - Renew Your Home Sweepstakes
Prize: a $10,000 credit for windows and installation. You will get marketing calls with this one.
Restrictions:  in Canada, it's open to BC and ON only
Value: $10000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: January 11, 2023posted on January 17, 2022


Recieved a call from them immediately after I hit enter. Said I had requested a quote. I had not.

Posted by: douglasrowe on January 17, 2022

This is a LONG contest. You need to change the end date to 1/11/2023!

Posted by: guyzer on January 17, 2022

They do give up after a few phone calls during the year-long contest, but I'm not going to bother with it again.

Good luck to all who enter!

Posted by: SueA on January 17, 2022

Received this message:
"We're sorry. Unfortunately, your zip code (N0A 1N6) is outside of the Renewal by Andersen service area and you are not eligible for this sweepstakes. Thank you."

Posted by: Pilot18 on January 18, 2022

Reading through the (confusing) rules, it seems there are 4 entry periods, for a $10K credit prize each. Along with weekly prizes drawn for Starbucks cards. They are ending as follows, 13/4/22, 13/7/22, 12/10/22, and the final is 11/1/23.

Seems that the entries will be carried forward also.

Posted by: AnnaBanana46 on January 18, 2022

There are four promotion periods - each has a grand prize. The current period runs through April 13

Posted by: stolworthy on January 18, 2022

I entered last night and they called me 5 times today before I picked up :S So heads up you'll likely get booking calls!

Posted by: spanishpoet on January 18, 2022

I've been playing this contest for over two years. Good Luck.i

PS - You never list your correct phone number. Let them contact you via your email address.

Posted by: nextowin on January 20, 2022

oh good call!

Posted by: spanishpoet on January 20, 2022

there is a check box there if you want them to contact you, just don't check it

Posted by: lyndac68 on January 25, 2022

They will still call even if you don't chk the box to contact.

Posted by: orphanedious on January 29, 2022

Instant calling some will hang up other will keep calling...I had forgot I entered this one.'Never again..the college ones as well.

Posted by: lspacheco177 on March 10, 2022

Thanks--I've added the marketing phone calls to description.

Posted by: Contestgirl on March 10, 2022

Linda, the end date is 1/11/23

Posted by: trwus on March 11, 2022

It just a Marketing program

Posted by: christine70 on August 2, 2022

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