Fiat Chrysler - 2022 FCA US LLC Sweepstakes

Fiat Chrysler - 2022 FCA US LLC Sweepstakes
Prize: a Dodge, Jeep, Chrysler, Ram or Fiat vehicle of your choice, worth up to $100,000.
Restrictions:  18 or older
Value: $100000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: December 31, 2022posted on January 26, 2022



Posted by: crandreww on January 26, 2022


Posted by: wishgypsy on January 27, 2022

No acknowledgement whatsoever.

Posted by: Artanis1 on January 28, 2022


Posted by: carolynreed2001 on January 28, 2022

Right after I entered this contest got a messenger text from Cesar Aguilar saying he's received my internet request for the fiat. DO U PREFER A CALL OR TEXT?

Also got one from a Micheal Earl asking the same. Don't waste your time with this one..

Posted by: lspacheco177 on March 29, 2022

I haven't had that issue, I just don't check the contact me boxes. I started doing it mid march too.

Posted by: ajsweeps888 on May 5, 2022

Comes up not private

Posted by: orphanedious on August 10, 2022

I am getting a warning that this site is a security risk and not private . So i am not entering THIS Sweepstakes for now!

Posted by: Joshua1987 on August 10, 2022

That's because the virtual auto show has left New York and is in Los Angeles. Google, Stellantis virtual auto show Los Angeles. They do this about every 4 months, ie change location. Good luck.

Posted by: skeeter on August 11, 2022

This site can t be reached

Check if there is a typo in

Posted by: pattykiss on August 12, 2022

It's working today.

Posted by: Artanis1 on August 12, 2022

Not working for me today

Posted by: RachVA on August 12, 2022

The one I enter from in my Gmail is working now. Offline for a few days.

Posted by: skeeter on August 12, 2022

The link posted above by crandreww worked okay for me just now.

Posted by: roseville1 on August 12, 2022

crandreww posted this address that works : , thanks crandreww

Posted by: huricane on August 13, 2022

Thank you all. Crandrrew's link works for me too

Posted by: RachVA on August 13, 2022

Just to make it easier.. Here it is again.

Posted by: zonkr68 on August 17, 2022

Thanks, zonkr68.

Posted by: roseville1 on August 18, 2022

Linda, would you please change the link to this one since the old link does not work? Thanks!

Posted by: trwus on August 23, 2022

Thanks, I fixed it

Posted by: Contestgirl on August 24, 2022

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