Sour Patch Kids - Stranger Things Instant Win Giveaway

Sour Patch Kids - Stranger Things Instant Win Giveaway
Prize: one of 10 prizes of five 1-pound boxes of Sour Patch Kids candy or one of 150 prizes of a t-shirt or one of 390 prizes of a 1-pound box of candy.
Restrictions:  13 or older
Value: $75
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: October 31, 2022posted on May 30, 2022
Thanks to: sneakypete for telling me about this one


how in the world do you play this game?

Posted by: tearisha on June 2, 2022

Just click on LET'S does the rest, will tell if you "have enough spores" or not.

Posted by: spock7005 on June 2, 2022

lol i was trying to franticly click and was so upset that nothing was happening

Posted by: tearisha on June 3, 2022


Posted by: spock7005 on June 3, 2022

me too. I thought I was just too old to know how to play the game because I was trying everything. Hasn't made me any younger, but I do feel better. Thanks

Posted by: BAILEYGINGER on June 3, 2022

I was confused at first too but hey! I won a pound of sour patch kids lol

Posted by: alwayssunnyincb on June 16, 2022

won a shirt

Posted by: level2mommy on June 19, 2022

Just won a 1 lb. box of SOUR PATCH Kids x Stranger Things product!

Posted by: jjttbb on June 21, 2022

I watched a few episodes of Stranger Things a zillion years ago. What can I say I wasn't exactly transformed or whatever by it.

Posted by: RunningFree on July 5, 2022

Ended?? Cannot see E.F. this morning

Posted by: crandreww on July 30, 2022

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