Tuff Shed - Home Show Sweepstakes

Tuff Shed - Home Show Sweepstakes
Prize: an 8x8 garden shed worth up to the $4,000. You can enter again after June 2 and again after September 8.
Value: $4000
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: December 7, 2023posted on March 31, 2023


Promotion Period Start Date End Date Random Drawing Date
Period #1 12/2/22 3/2/23 3/6/23
Period #2 3/3/23 6/1/23 6/5/23
Period #3 6/2/23 9/7/23 9/11/23
Period #4 9/8/23 12/7/23 12/11/23
Though rules state LIMIT ONE ENTRY PER HOUSEHOLD, but also "Promotion
consists of one (4) Promotion Periods starting and ending at the times and dates as described in the table above. Entries from one Promotion Period will not be carried forward to a subsequent Promotion Period

Posted by: crandreww on April 1, 2023

fourth and final entry for me 10/14 GLA!

Posted by: crandreww on October 14, 2023

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