Tasty Rewards - $25,000 Sweepstakes

Tasty Rewards - $25,000 Sweepstakes
Prize: $25,000. Complete activities to earn points to redeem for entries.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--Tasty Rewards member
Value: $25000
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: December 24, 2023posted on May 20, 2023


Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I completed my profile, but I don't get any more entries

Posted by: pfisterfarm on May 20, 2023

Same here. I ve tried completing my profile a few times but am not getting extra entries either.

Posted by: Mariatini on May 20, 2023

They tested this earn & redeem program last year and had the same issues. There is a "log on x times" to earn entries again this time around. I'm one day away from supposedly earning those entries, but I'll be shocked if it actually worked. When they tested this out for awhile last year, I never earned that particular bonus despite logging in every single day.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 20, 2023

You earn points by completing activities (one activity is logging into the website every day). You will only earn points if you are logged in. Some activities take 24 hours before the points show up in your account. To get entered into their 3 active contests, you go to the Dashboard, click on the sweepstakes tab, then click on the one you want to enter. The rest is self-explanatory.

Posted by: spike1jg on May 20, 2023

spike1jg, let me know if you actually get the bonus for logging in daily. In the past, I never got it. 5/21 will be day 5 for me so I should get my bonus this upcoming week if it works.

I've done the other activities and earned those bonuses without any problems.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 20, 2023

Sweeps2021, same here for the logging in trouble. I was able to get additional entries for various activities, i.e., surveys, reading recipes, but never got the logging in bonus -- and I did monitor that closely. Also, if I recall correctly, after submitting an entry there was a notification stating that an email confirming entry would be sent. Never once got an email confirmation.

Posted by: catsters on May 20, 2023

I'm curious to know if anyone actually gets the bonus entries for purchases. I do the majority of my grocery shopping at Aldi so I rarely purchase these brands. However, we're having a party next month and I will be purchasing Pepsi products. I also have a Fetch account that uses the same email address, but considering they never gave me my log in bonuses I'm not optimistic my Pepsi purchases will translate to entries.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 20, 2023

I was mistaken about logging in every day. If you log in 5 times before June 11 you can earn 5 points. I'm earning entries by doing the activities they have on the site. You can always check your history by going to My Dashboard and clicking on My History.

Posted by: spike1jg on May 22, 2023

Shockingly, I did get my 5 entry bonus for logging in 5 times. That bonus never worked for me last year when they tested this method for their promotions.

I also have been doing one activity a day to earn some entries. I don't do multiple activities a day, although you can, because I want a reason to log in daily.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 22, 2023

I keep trying to fill out my profile, but it will not save my zip code no matter what I do. It says my information is saved, but when I go back to my profile the zip code field is still blank. Any ideas?

Posted by: chiagirl on May 24, 2023

Anyone able to get the "Watch Us Show Our Smarts" bonus to work? I click on it and it does nothing.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 24, 2023

Same with the "Subscribe To Receive Email From PepsiCo Tasty Rewards"

Nothing happens when I click on it. Those are the only two bonuses I have remaining, other than the one for submitting receipts via Fetch.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 24, 2023

I have not been able to receive bonus points watching the Smartfood bonus either.

Anyone get bonus points for completing their Profile? It acknowledged that I d completed it, but awarded no bonus entries.

Posted by: Mariatini on May 25, 2023

I did get that bonus. I had to provide every piece of information that they wanted before getting credit for it. Is there anything that you left off?

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 25, 2023

The Smartfood bonus just worked for me. I'm done with everything except for the bonus for purchases.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on May 25, 2023

Has anybody ever won anything from them ever?

Posted by: idosew on May 28, 2023

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