Newstalk1010 - OLG Contest

Newstalk1010 - OLG Contest
Prize: one of 200 prizes of $100 worth of OLG lottery tickets.
Restrictions:  19 or older--ON only
Value: $100
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: April 4, 2024posted on January 9, 2024


+10 per referral ??

Posted by: Kerrismom on January 9, 2024

I do not think the links work?

Posted by: annbabyca on January 9, 2024

tried Kerrismom link and got an error message.
Looks like the one I rec'd.... ....doesn't seem to work either.

Posted by: lnelson8 on January 10, 2024

7:00 Mountain

Posted by: christine70 on January 19, 2024

Is anyone listening to: Y108 s Cuban Escape to Memories Flamenco Beach Resort in Cayo Coco? In Hamilton ON I think

Posted by: vicrine on February 2, 2024

@vicrine I am not but you can add it to the contests and it may be added next week? worth a shot.

Posted by: missthang69 on March 1, 2024

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