Villa Vie Residences - Travel The World Giveaway

Villa Vie Residences - Travel The World Giveaway
Prize: one of three prizes of six months of travel for two people on a cruise ship.
Restrictions:  18 or older
Value: $30000
Frequency: Weekly Entry
End Date: July 1, 2024posted on May 5, 2024


I entered but it seems like this closed on May 1st. It says the last winner will be announced on July 1st.

Posted by: suzbays on May 5, 2024

"Selection of Winner: The winner will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received. The draw will take place on 1st May 2024, 11:59 PM, and the winners will be notified by email within seven (7) days of the draw."

Posted by: Artanis1 on May 5, 2024

It ran for 3 separate entry periods and I think this is the last one, so they probably didn t update the rules after the first winner was chosen.
Did anyone find complete Official Rules and/or the value of this prize?

Posted by: Mariatini on May 5, 2024

The competition is warmly open to individuals who are 18 years of age or older at the time of entry and does not include airfare

Posted by: J123BH on May 5, 2024

I don't see an entry form or rules?

Posted by: mysterious on May 5, 2024

worked fine for me. Brought up a Gleam style entry page.
However, you only get a weekly entry if you...

Upload our giveaway video/image to Instagram with the hashtag #VillaVieOdyssey

I'm not flooding my page with that on a weekly basis, this will be a single entry for me

Posted by: BeverlyWill on May 5, 2024

"segment" pricing on a room with an ocean view window is $159 per person double, meaning 318 per day x 180 = $57,240

Posted by: stacytracy on May 6, 2024

I'm not getting credit for the Insta option - anyone else?

Posted by: schnoodle on May 10, 2024

you get free view on top deck

Posted by: stlclipper on May 12, 2024

don't forget the dramamine

Posted by: eyewin98 on May 13, 2024

does it state in the rules that I HAVE to take my wife? Want clarification before I enter....

Posted by: elliott on May 15, 2024

Do the rules state I can send my wife away for the six months but stay home myself?

Posted by: elliott on May 21, 2024

What's your wife's phone number elliott? I have some screenshots to send to her, lol

Posted by: sandysfaves on May 25, 2024

6 months? one would tire of it, trust me. i found 1 week just enough..;-)

Posted by: hopebc53 on June 8, 2024

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