Cupcake Vineyards - Summer Of Joy Sweepstakes & IWG

Cupcake Vineyards - Summer Of Joy Sweepstakes & IWG
Prize: $50,000 or one of 1,078 various instant win prizes of a camera, a blanket and more. You can enter with purchase using QR code found in cap or send an e-mail request to and include your first and last name, date of birth, zip or postal code and photo identification for age verification to get your unique sweepstakes URL.
Restrictions:  21 or older--no QC--Each QR code may be used up to four times per day by four individual entrants (up to 20 total)
Value: $50000
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: September 2, 2024posted on May 30, 2024


Restrictions need modification:
It's you may have up to 20 QR codes maximum per individual.
Each QR code can be used 1 time per day by a maximum of 4 individual users.
(Of course, each individual must have their own email account).

Contest is somewhat "Odd", but really it's DAILY based on a PT day according to the rules.

Posted by: 123ABC on May 30, 2024

Agreed. Please move to daily.

Posted by: atentries on May 30, 2024

The AR Experience, as it was last year, is very glitchy. You earn extra entries for completing the activities, but they re a real pain. And that s if you can even get them to load.

Posted by: Mariatini on May 30, 2024

i think you need a cell phone for this, sent email with proof of age, received email like which gave me qr code which i can't use as i do not have a cell phone, so waste of time for me, good luck everyone

Posted by: jiidii on May 30, 2024

Thank-you jiidii; I don't have one either, so you saved me the hassle.

Posted by: todds on May 30, 2024

I have a cell phone and I still can't get in

Posted by: atentries on May 30, 2024

The second part of the contest for instant win will not load!! I am using my cell phone

Posted by: kristine22 on May 31, 2024

can someone please translate the sentence - When did the Canadians win their first ever league title? in simpler terms for me please? I can t wrap my head around what that means exactly! explain it to me like i m in kindergarten i won t be offended! Thanks!! LOL

Posted by: teenymaru on May 31, 2024

OMG my copy paste didn t work !! haha that was for another contest! disregard above!! i can t delete or edit it! i m trying to understand this each qr code my be used up to 4 times a day by 4 individual entrants ( up to
20) ?

Posted by: teenymaru on May 31, 2024

QR code can be used by 4 people only, so you can share your code with up to 3 other people. They can use the code 1X per day. Each individual is limited to the use of 20 QR codes.

XXX There is no you can only use a code 4 times in the rules. Unless you have more than 1 person to share the code with -- do not worry about the 4 people part either. XXX

RECAP: 1 code equals 1 chance to enter, 2 codes equals 2 chances ... 20 codes equals 20 chances per day to enter. Of course you have to do all the work ....

Posted by: 123ABC on June 1, 2024

For what it s worth, I sent them an email that the AR Experience is not loading. If they respond, I ll post their response here.

Posted by: Mariatini on June 2, 2024

sorry, but i WOULD NEVER give my proof of age with an ID for any contest in entering it...nope!

Posted by: hopebc53 on June 2, 2024

hopebc53 Cupcake's last contest I never sent any ID and still received codes.. good luck...I never won anything either LOL

Posted by: Platform on June 2, 2024

thanks 123abc that makes a lot more sense now!!

Posted by: teenymaru on June 2, 2024

When I send a copy of my ID to enter stuff, I black out the numbers, leaving only my name, DOB and photo. They ALWAYS accept it.

Posted by: athenag on June 2, 2024

update re ID....I received a code without ID....only stated my DOB

Posted by: Platform on June 3, 2024

Has anyone had issues with the AR experience? Mine isn't loading

Posted by: typeusername on June 5, 2024

Typeusername - I emailed them to let them know the AR Experience wasn t working. They responded by send me a link to their FAQ, but none addressed the problem of the AR thing not loading.
But, today, it loaded for me on my phone. So, you might want to try again.

Posted by: Mariatini on June 5, 2024

Sure enough worked just now

Posted by: typeusername on June 5, 2024

Any winners on this yet?

Posted by: Carina on June 7, 2024


Posted by: pokernun on June 16, 2024

Each QR code can be scanned by up to four (4) Individual Users to enter the Sweepstakes. Each unique link may be used for one or more Sweepstakes entries just one (1) time by up to four (4) individuals in each twenty-four (24) hour period starting at 12:00:00 a.m. PT on May 27, 2024 until 11:59:59 p.m. PT on September 2, 2024.

It looks like we can use each other's QR codes. Also...

Total QR codes and links per individual/email address is limited to twenty (20) for the entire sweepstakes period, whether QR Code is received under cap, or unique link from AMOE without purchase, or a combination of the preceding. Any additional codes scanned and/or links clicked will not work if you have already registered for the sweepstakes and have utilized the twenty (20) QR Code/link maximum for the sweepstakes.

Posted by: Vviggs on June 17, 2024

Check out the Cupcake Travel Talks game

Posted by: Vviggs on June 17, 2024

In the rules, it's not clear to me whether you get additional grand prize entries for the extra AR experience activities, or whether those AR actions just give you instant win chances. Has anyone understood that better than I did?

Posted by: BobC on June 20, 2024

Daily options

Posted by: MrsMichelle on June 21, 2024

For AMOE I typed that "ID will be provided upon winning" and received a code.

Posted by: QueenMom on June 22, 2024

won a blanket from the daily component

Posted by: typeusername on July 16, 2024

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