Kruger - Only in Canada Contest

Kruger - Only in Canada Contest
Prize: one of three prizes of $10,000. There are also 20,600 prizes of gift cards, free product coupons, a grill, groceries or coolers, worth from $10 - $650. You can enter the main draw with proof of purchase or secondary draw without.
Restrictions:  Age of Majority--no QC
Value: $10000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: August 18, 2024posted on June 13, 2024


For QC, use

Posted by: OmarBongo on June 13, 2024

thank you OmarBongo

Posted by: smoochies on June 14, 2024

It looks like you have to have a cell because they send SMS.

Posted by: ronnieg on June 14, 2024

Ok so why is a Costco Receipt not acceptable.
I bet they sell the Most Cashmere Toliet Paper.

Posted by: christine70 on June 15, 2024

Good point christine70. I see that Costco is not in the drop down in the entry form, but Dollarama is. If any of you live near a Dollarama and visit their regularly (like me hahaha) the Cashmere 4 roll pack is $2.25 plus tax. And a box of Scotties tissues (48 x 1) is $1.50 plus tax. Both these products at Dollarama have the UPC codes as listed in the rules.
Good luck folks!

Posted by: paula3kids on June 16, 2024

Thanks I will take a look.

Posted by: christine70 on June 16, 2024

Thanks I am there weekly!

Posted by: mysterious on June 16, 2024

I won a $25 gift card!

Posted by: audrey61 on June 18, 2024

Congrats Audrey61!

Posted by: Vviggs on June 21, 2024

Anyone get the SMS text after doing the purchase receipt upload? I'm still waiting for the text after many minutes.

Posted by: 123ABC on June 21, 2024

Yes, the confirmation text comes through for me 123ABC. Hopefully it worked for you after!

Posted by: paula3kids on June 22, 2024

I think the problem might be my carrier. With the Circle K contests, I usually have to press for a resent on the text before I get the text to come through.

Posted by: 123ABC on June 22, 2024

I just won a $25 retailer gift card. I hope it arrives faster than the six cases of paper towels my husband won in the Stanley Cup find to win contest. On May 1st he was told they would be delivered in two to three weeks but still nothing and no response to his follow up email inquiry

Posted by: Kennil on June 30, 2024

I won a $25 gift card!

Posted by: jane1 on July 3, 2024

Yay and Yay!

Posted by: mysterious on July 3, 2024

Just won a $25 gift card - doesn't say to where- played Thursday evening at 9:20pm CST

Posted by: laurenanddom on July 11, 2024

won a $25 gift card

Posted by: dgould on July 14, 2024

My $25 gift card was Sobeys/ IGA.

Posted by: audrey61 on July 15, 2024

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