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Welcome to my sweepstakes web site. I'm Linda.

Today is Saturday, August 18 and I have 3,319 sweepstakes listed - 97 new in the past 24 hours.

Here's the Winners List for August 16th.

Amigo won an all expense fishing trip with Randy Howell, and a bass boat loaded with gear and other prizes, all worth $30,000 from the Fish with Randy Howell by Bassmaster sweepstakes.
Angelia S won a $20,000 trip for two to anywhere in the world based on her DNA results, from the 23 and me DNA Trip I Heart Radio sweepstakes.
pberse won a trip for two to Paris worth $10,000 from the Nestle Enjoy Perrier Today, Paris Tomorrow Part 1 sweepstakes.
CorrieStFan won a $300 Walmart gift card from a local newspaper's Reader's Choice Survey contest.
eabeier won $225 worth of baseball gear from the MLB Blue Jays Catch Some Joy contest
Renee won a Mountain Dew sticker, iTunes gift card and mason jar from the World Collide/Frito-Lay/Mountain Dew contest, and from Twitter #FreeFridays, two movie tickets from Atom.
pconroy won a $500 Visa gift card from the Carl's Jr. Float To Fly contest and a $100 Cineplex gift card from the Lactantia Real Goodness contest
MrClower and Edward W each won an El Yucateco prize pack of a waterproof speaker, cooler, 3 bottles of El Yucateco Hot Sauce, an apron, and a t-shirt from the Skosay El Yucateco sweepstakes.
MurchieMan won a year of pizzas from the Casa di Mama Rush the Field contest
deedie won a lunch box from the Babybel One Magical Mission Sweepstakes & instant win game
Michelle F won four VIA Rail vouchers, two hotel rooms for a 2-night stay in Montreal and four tickets to Piknik Electronik from Exclaim.
maygo won a pair of sandals from the Miller Lite Summer instant win game
Sidetracker won 3 three books from Goodreads.
Anonymous won won a copy of the book Sketchtasy from Good Reads, and a pair of tickets to a Riverdogs baseball game from a local radio call in.
gldepaolo won a pair of shoes from the Gymboree Surprize Surprize Sweepstakes & instant win game
Tyne C won a $200 Visa card from the Healthy Fish Facebook contest, a cap from Cue Vapor on Facebook, a cap from Black Seal Rum, a $10 Amazon card from Marlboro, and a beach towel from Smarty Pig on Facebook.
Parallel won a $200 Hotelgifts gift card from the Just Ask a Volkswagon Owner: Tiguan Edition contest.
Tina B won $100 to or the featured product Motion Sensor trash can from BHG Daily sweepstakes, Langers Juice from the Challenge Real Summer, Real Flavor Instant Win & Sweepstakes, and a 2018 Hall of Fame scarf from Essential 11.
intensev5, sally and Francesg each won a prize pack from the Staples A+ School Ready Ultimate Lockers contest
spike1jg won a $25 Mastercard gift card from the Pall Mall Win And Give sweepstakes
mumsiemo won a $10 gift card from the Brisk Don't Get Bored Get Brisk contest & instant win game
spike1jg won a $50 Mastercard gift card from the Pall Mall Win And Give sweepstakes
ccarey1980 won a $70 pay per view code from the Tecate Claim Your Corner Fall sweepstakes
StacyTracy won a $50 Walmart gift card from Conagra Stars of Summer contest, and a $20 Goldstar credit from Goldstar's Wednesday Win Day weekly Facebook contest.
luv2win won a pizza from the Casa di Mama Rush the Field contest
Tappy won a pay per view code from Tecate.
Haknits won four $10 promo codes from the Gymboree Surprize Surprize sweepstakes, and a $70 Pay per View code from the Tecate sweepstakes.
Skorpil won won a coupon for Benjamin Moore from the Benjamin Moore Paint it Right sweepstakes, worth $100.
RoguesMom won $10 from the Gymboree Surprize Surprize Sweepstakes & instant win game
plou0791 won $25 from the Novamex Uncap The Jackpot sweepstakes
Sharona won a $10 Amazon gift card from the IBC-Insurance Bureau of Canada contest.
klbehr won a bag of dog food from the Hill's Science Diet Every Great Day promotion.
deedie won a $10 code from the Gymboree Surprize Surprize Sweepstakes & instant win game
Amanda384 won a Jackson Galaxy Butterfly Ball from the Modern Cat Magazine giveaway.
tigger23, mary2511 and deedie each won $5 from the Sprint Spirit Sweepstakes & instant win game

Congratulations to all. I update this list every Thursday so if you win something, send me an email at and tell me about it. I'll add you to next week's list.

For those of you who are new to this site, let me tell you a bit about myself: I love to enter online sweepstakes and I love to win, even if it's something small like a movie ticket or a football. I spend hours each day finding and entering contests on the web and I've won lots of prizes. I have won trips, Xbox 360s (2 of them), electronics, books, games and much more. Every once in a while something turns up in my email box telling me I've won another contest and sometimes I'm surprised when I pick up my regular mail and find a prize parcel that has arrived unannounced. It's a lot of fun.

There are thousands of sweepstakes and contests online. Most are legitimate and are run by reputable companies but others can be shady and are simply a way of gathering email addresses. The trick is to find the good ones and this is where I can help. I do my best to find the most interesting contests and sweepstakes and list them here on my web site. My work will save you hours.

If you're going to start entering contests online, there's some things you should know - like how to get your browser to fill in forms automatically. Check out the link Contest Tips to find out how to do this along with other tips I'd like to pass on to you.

This website is still a bit of a work in progress. I have been updating the sweepstakes lists daily and I have plans to add new features as time goes on so please come back often.

I love to win and so will you. When you win something, send me a note and I'll add your name to the winners list above.

Enjoy, and good luck.


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