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Welcome to my sweepstakes web site. I'm Linda.

Today is Wednesday, April 21 and I have 2,278 sweepstakes listed - 71 new in the past 24 hours.

Here's the Winners List for April 15th.

HateAgeGates won an outdoor TV and sound bar from the Worldwide Stereo March contest; and a Chev Silverado truck, a Coleman RV, and a Nascar racing-season scanner subscription code & merch from the The Race Day Ready Promotion sponsored by NASCAR, Chevy and Camping World, worth $78,075.
Denise won $3,000 from the Rendez-vous Francophonie Kitchen Party contest.
trwus won a 1-year fitness membership at any LifeTime Fitness facility worth $1,499 from the Beautyrest LifeTime Fitness giveaway.
Lisa L won $1,000 in Rewards Points from the RoadPro Plinko Game.
orphanedious won $500 from The Big Bang Theory sweepstakes.
morgandm won earbuds and a box of Nabisco products valued at $320 from the Mondelez NBA Taste Greatness Sweepstakes & instant win game
Winks won a Dos Equis branded Pop-A-Shot basketball game set, worth $300.
gempri won $200 to purchase Anna Elizabeth jewelry, a gift card for a Milk Bar Cake and a gift card for TOST beverages from the Anna Elizabeth Jewelry Birthday Celebration giveaway.
Maggie22 won a SunRype package worth $255, including a mixology kit, icebucket, glassware, a $50 Visa gift card, juices, bars and snacks.
Debi48 won a gift basket of Desert Essence products and a $100 Visa card, worth $200, from the Desert Essence Lucky in Self Care sweepstakes.
daveneb won a UEFA Champions League replica soccer ball worth $165 and a Wacom Styous pen and pad from MTN Dew Rise.
Kerrismom won a pair of headphones from the Sing It With Oreo contest, two bags of Avanti coffee from the Keurig Machine + K- Cup & Coffee giveaway, a $100 Cutco gift card, and a bag of chips from Lays Gotta Have Lays contest.
Cathy H won a $100 Sobey's gift card from the Nestle Sweeten Up Your Holiday Season sweepstakes
Pearls won a $100 gift card to from the Oikos Snack to Win contest
Doves won a $25 gift card from the Mtn Dew Outdoor Stimulus giveaway, a 3-month Spotify membership from Mtn Dew Rise Conquer the Morning IWG, and a Harrys Winston razor kit from the Harry's Hoops sweepstakes.
dudeash won an Astropad Luna display from the MacRumors giveaway.
Dave won a Wacom Intous Pro pen n pad from MTN Dew Rise, a 440 airline miles from American Airlines, a UEFA champions league soccer ball, $25 from the Grizzly Snuff giveaway, and a free drink from Starbucks.
Tiffany won 3 signature meals worth $72 from the Wendy Webster Blue Apron giveaway.
Carolrey won a One n Only Haircare bundle of products from The Real.
Marion won headphones from Sing it with Oreo, and a self care prize pack from the Shoppers Drug Mart New & So You contest.
MrsMichelle922 won a copy of A Duke, The Lady, And a Baby; Duchess If You Dare; and Notorius from Kensington Publishing, and a sticker from 19 Crimes.
Lance won a Boonie canvas hat from the MTN Dew Hook the Ultimate Catch Program, a $5 Amazon gift card from the Wyndham Key to Wyn sweepstakes, and wireless headphones from the Ensure Max Protein sweepstakes.
tawnyny won 1,200 American Airlines miles from their 40th Anniversary Celebration giveaway
chrissy800 won 4,000 air miles and phonetrouble won a one year membership to the Admirals Club from the American Airlines 40th Anniversary Celebration giveaway
sthibert67 won a pool float from the MXD Cocktail Co. Mystery sweepstakes, 880 frequent flier miles and an FTD discount from the American Airlines 40th Anniversary Celebration giveaway, and a box of Entenmann's Minis from the Entenmann's Mini Acts of Kindness 5K giveaway.
Arthur O and tripper2365 each won a $45 Class Pass from the Vizzy Class Pass sweepstakes.
ccarey1980 won a $35 Blick Art gift card from the Mountain Dew Rise Conquer The Morning Instant Win giveaway
Mgbabe won a bag of chips from the Lays Find Joy in Every Bag contest; and a $25 Amazon gift card, t-shirt and mask from the Tunespeak VantaVoid giveaway.
Twipey, tishb, micheleccu, bunkydust, cherylbas and hubbjm each won $25 from the Grizzly Snuff Reel Hero giveaway sweepstakes
Roscoe2013 won a bag of Lays, and a book from Goodreads.
franko4 won a minnow bucket, JillAnnA won a cooler and micheleccu won a stainless steel chaser from the MTN Dew Hook the Ultimate Catch sweepstakes
MommaK, MrsMichelle, Doves, Lisa G, debwig and cosborn each won a $25 gift card from the MTN Dew Outdoor Stimulus Instant Win sweepstakes
Bev98989 won a copy of Wild Women and the Blues from Penguin Random House.
TonyaH won a box of Entenmann's Minis from the Entenmann's Mini Acts of Kindness 5K giveaway.
windycitylaura won a $5 gift card from the Circle K Fuel Your Drive sweepstakes.
chrissy800 won a pair of sunglasses from the Sour Patch Kids Mystery Flavor IWG.
Arthur O won bacon scented shoelaces from Oscar Mayer.
Alison F won a bag of chips from the Lays Find Joy in Every Bag contest.
pluto30 and NPGW each won a bag of chips from the Lays Gotta Have Lays contest.

Congratulations to all. I update this list every Thursday so if you win something, send me an email at and tell me about it. I'll add you to next week's list.

For those of you who are new to this site, let me tell you a bit about myself: I love to enter online sweepstakes and I love to win, even if it's something small like a movie ticket or a football. I spend hours each day finding and entering contests on the web and I've won lots of prizes. I have won trips, Xbox 360s (2 of them), electronics, books, games and much more. Every once in a while something turns up in my email box telling me I've won another contest and sometimes I'm surprised when I pick up my regular mail and find a prize parcel that has arrived unannounced. It's a lot of fun.

There are thousands of sweepstakes and contests online. Most are legitimate and are run by reputable companies but others can be shady and are simply a way of gathering email addresses. The trick is to find the good ones and this is where I can help. I do my best to find the most interesting contests and sweepstakes and list them here on my web site. My work will save you hours.

If you're going to start entering contests online, there's some things you should know - like how to get your browser to fill in forms automatically. Check out the link Contest Tips to find out how to do this along with other tips I'd like to pass on to you.

This website is still a bit of a work in progress. I have been updating the sweepstakes lists daily and I have plans to add new features as time goes on so please come back often.

I love to win and so will you. When you win something, send me a note and I'll add your name to the winners list above.

Enjoy, and good luck.


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