Prize: assorted prizes. Check back frequently. Website signup.
Restrictions:  ON only--19 or older--Rules vary--May have to pick up prize at this Toronto station.
Frequency: You can enter more than once but read the rules
End Date: Unknownposted on June 10, 2007
Thanks to: Kathy for telling me about this one


This link doesnt work,did site change...

Posted by: anonymous on April 13, 2009

Yes, thanks--fixed.

Posted by: contestgirl on April 13, 2009

Anyone have problems collecting prizes from them? I won a contest last week. I contacted the telephone number provided and left a message and emailed the promotions guy but he didn't call or email me back. I have since tweeted them and sent an email to their main site. I can't understand radio stations promoting and then not following through. On top of that when I called the main number they told us to enter to inquire about collecting prizes the phone rang forever and noone answered. I had to call over and over again and then was sent to this guy's voice mail who never called or emailed me back. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks for listening. Rant is now over, lol.

Posted by: anonymous on April 24, 2013

link is broken. Also, Linda, why does our name now show up as the default for comments instead of our chosen id?

Posted by: Bexx on May 25, 2015

Hi Bexx. If you're logged in, the website puts your login name in the "Your Name" field as the default name for comments. You can change it or delete it before clicking the send button if you want. If you're not logged in, the name field is blank by default and you can put something in there if you like. Any comment that's made with the "Your Name" field blank is shown as "anonymous".

It's done that for the past few years - nothing was changed on the website. Are you seeing something different?

Posted by: Contestgirl on May 26, 2015

Yes, even when I am logged in, my real name is automatically showing under 'your name', not my Bexx name even though I am logged in. I have to go in manually and retype it for any comment I wish to make. I don't comment often, but I noticed it change about two weeks ago.

Posted by: Bexx on May 28, 2015

This is the link:

Posted by: SeaBee on March 18, 2016

You go to the shipping/receiving office in the parking lot and give them your name. That's how you pick up your prize.

Posted by: vicrine on December 9, 2017

If anyone is doing Epic Bonus Adventure to Las Vegas for the I Heart Music Festival, here are the codes!

MAY 7, 2018

7 am Concert
8 am Planet
9 am Betting
10 am Poker
11 am Red
12 pm Lounge
1 pm Winning
2 pm Audience
3 pm Fun
4 pm Dust
5 pm Limousine
6 pm Palm
7 pm Progressive

Posted by: vicrine on May 7, 2018

I think it is actually the Billboard Music but whatevs. VEGAS, BABY!!!

Posted by: vicrine on May 7, 2018

Thanks for sharing Vicrine!
Much appreciated

Posted by: Jenn on May 7, 2018

Won tickets to the housewarming event they had at Casa Loma.

Posted by: gasser on November 22, 2018

does anyone do the chum ones any more

Posted by: tomgirl on May 4, 2022

8am- circle

Posted by: delicateflower on May 26, 2023

latest link

Posted by: mariposamom on January 8, 2024

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