Ethan Allen - $1,000 Gift Card Giveaway

Ethan Allen - $1,000 Gift Card Giveaway
Prize: a $1,000 Ethan Allen gift card. The entry form is in a pop-up window after you access their home page.
Value: $1000
Frequency: Monthly Entry
End Date: June 30, 2024posted on July 1, 2023



Posted by: atentries on July 1, 2023

Can't find the entry form

Posted by: Milkslinger1 on August 1, 2023

Said it would be a popup- no popup on my end :(

Posted by: eyewin98 on August 2, 2023

further to the above, per my Note: of July 2 - I entered so I guess I did it then but now its
Aug 2 a month later and no pop-up

Posted by: eyewin98 on August 2, 2023

use the searchbar and search for "sweepstakes" and the page will come up.

Posted by: Jennifer69 on August 7, 2023

This worked for me:

Posted by: BAILEYGINGER on August 19, 2023


Posted by: anxiousonion on August 25, 2023

I just sent Ethan Allen an email through their website asking what happened to their giveaway that was to end June 30, 2024. Wondering.. will they answer?

Posted by: eyewin98 on October 8, 2023

I was just able to enter, the entry form is a popup.

Posted by: BlueCrab on October 21, 2023

i dont see any pop ups now. was able to enter before

Posted by: typeusername on December 1, 2023

I got it. Recently had rebooted and cleared out cookies, so maybe try that typeusername.

Posted by: surelyshields on December 7, 2023

just had to wait for pop-up 10 seconds

Posted by: stlclipper on January 3, 2024

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