Carnival Cruise Line - Celebration Key Sweepstakes

Carnival Cruise Line - Celebration Key Sweepstakes
Prize: one of five prizes of a Carnival cruise worth $1,399.
Restrictions:  no QC
Value: $1399
Frequency: Monthly Entry
End Date: June 30, 2024posted on January 31, 2024
Thanks to: BeverlyWill for telling me about this one


LINDA...this is Monthly

Posted by: BeverlyWill on January 31, 2024

The next entry doesn't unlock for me for 52 days. This seems more like an odd entry to me.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 on January 31, 2024

Yes, odd entry. May enter 5 times with each new portal unlock.

Posted by: dlfox1958 on February 2, 2024

******** LINDA **********

This one is not a single entry.



Posted by: Sweeps2021 on February 2, 2024

I Entered Feb 1. And I tried entering today. I guess I really don't understand the entry periods. Thought maybe they meant once a month was an entry period (upt to 5 x). But when I tried today, the message was that I am already entered. Good luck folks

Posted by: paula3kids 8 hours ago

paula3kids, when I posted on January 31st, it told me I had 52 days until something else unlocked. You should be able to see how many days you have remaining.

It is definitely not a once per month thing.

Posted by: Sweeps2021 7 hours ago

Ok. Thanks. I wondered how you knew it unlocks in 52 days from your entry. Thanks Sweeps2021. Good luck!

Posted by: paula3kids 42 minutes ago

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