Fresca Mixed - Summer Sweepstakes

Fresca Mixed - Summer Sweepstakes
Prize: one of 17 prizes of $1,000 or one of 204 prizes of a branded sweater with a pickleball set and more, worth $330 each.
Restrictions:  21 or older
Value: $1000
Frequency: Daily Entry
End Date: August 31, 2024posted on May 7, 2024


Per the Rules, this is NOT cash.

"Seventeen (17) Grand Prizes (one [1] awarded per Weekly Entry Period as indicated in the chart above in Rule #4): $1,000 towards membership at winner s choice of club or group (e.g., community club, local recreation league, beach club, etc.), awarded as a check; Two hundred four (204) First Prizes (twelve [12] awarded per Weekly Entry Period as indicated in the chart above in Rule #4): A Fresca Mixed-branded Prize Pack consisting of a crewneck sweater (size XL only), a pickleball tote, a pickleball paddle set and a $30 Sponsor-specified gift card (gift card terms and conditions apply) ($330 each Prize Pack). "

Posted by: JBRITTAIN2 on May 7, 2024

No JB~ I think when it reads "awarded as a check" it does basically mean (not paper currency, but essentially) cash.

Posted by: gcomstock on May 7, 2024

you're also agreeing to spam and your info being sold on the open market

Posted by: huricane on May 7, 2024

My husband says companies do these giveaways for publicity and so they can sell all our information. It is what it is.

Posted by: chelleknel on May 8, 2024

Wonder if it's as nasty tasting as that Fresca pop tastes lol

Posted by: Myla on May 9, 2024

Career alcoholics view the seltzer-ization of drinking with fear and loathing. Plus the candy flavoring of tobacco and booze reveals the "sin merchants'" goal of luring the kiddies into their van...

Posted by: gcomstock on May 10, 2024

thank you JBrittain2, I would have wasted time entering this!

Posted by: wishgypsy on May 13, 2024

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