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Welcome to my sweepstakes web site. I'm Linda.

Today is Thursday, August 11 and I have 2,206 sweepstakes listed - 56 new in the past 24 hours.

Here's the Winners List for August 11th.

highlandcattlelife won a $2,500 summer escape prize from the Pure Leaf No to Settling contest.
zpix won a signed basketball jersey worth $590 from NBA2K22 and Mondelez
StacyTracy won 4 tickets to MonsterJam worth $232 from a local TV station.
windycitylaura won a pool kit worth $50 from Buzzballz, 20 free items from Ruby Tuesday, a $100 Amazon gift card from the Amazon Small Business sweepstakes, a sports towel from the Mountain Dew sweepstakes, a lanyard and wrist bands from the Oscar Mayer sweepstakes, and a perpetual motion kit from Quaker.
Sidetracker won a smoker from Miller Lite.
wonderlandzzz won a summer decor box worth $109 from Designed Life Delivered, and 2 books from Goodreads.
starbear won a Snack Break Bundle worth $99 from the Mannafy GlobeIn giveaway, and a resistance band worth $16 from the Ensure Max Powered by Protein Max Challenge sweepstakes.
wghutton and miali1 each won a $100 grocery gift card from the McCafe VIP 2022 contest
celzao won a value pack of exploration kits from the Quaker Back To School sweepstakes.
Sidetracker won 4 books from Goodreads.
saraalv won a bunch of books from the San Diego Comic-Con Bookworm giveaway.
cmac0330 won a cornhole game set from the Jameson Irish Whiskey Summer sweepstakes
Skeeter won a $25 Boost gift card and $50 Marlboro gift card.
Audrey61 won a $70 prize package from the Haribo 100 Years Of Goldbears contest
Matho1 won a Serena Williams water bottle from the Gatorade Fuel Tomorrow instant win, Coconut shrimp and a garden bar entree from theRuby Tuesday Spin Tue Win instant win, a $25 gas card from On the Road with Al Capone giveaway, and 500 KorsVIP points from the Michael Kors Miami Nights instant win.
gems888yes won a $60 quilted blanket from the Kraft Heinz Foods Oscar Mayer Fest sweepstakes
johnnyjr won a $50 gift card from the Shoe Carnival Inflation Busters Spin & Win giveaway.
mhufford and bobbixo each won a $50 Amazon gift card from the Amazon Prime Day sweepstakes.
Platform won $40 worth of branded merchandise from the Pure Leaf No to Settling contest
Joyce won a Santa Margherita and Alessi Noe wine rack, designed by Giulio Laccetti worth $35 from the Santa Margherita Alessi sweepstakes.
Sharona won a Yeti tumbler from the Coca-Cola Studio Canada contest and Instant Win, and two Cineplex tickets from the Old Dutch Lights Camera Action sweepstakes.
Jenn13 and Nancerelli each won two Cineplex tickets from the Old Dutch Lights Camera Action sweepstakes.
MrsMichelle and BAILEYGINGER each won a $30 Spotify gift card from the Coca-Cola Coke Studio instant win and sweepstakes
Lovetowin04 and skeeter each won $25 from the Boost Golden Getaway instant win & sweepstakes
Bonsai won a $20 gift card from the Culver's From Wisconsin With Luck instant win game
NBrittles won a cooling towel from the Coors Light Chill Summer Experience sweepstakes
luis627 won a sweatshirt and doramere won a pair of shorts from the Coors Light Football 2022 instant win game and sweepstakes
PromoGuy1982 won a $25 NFL gift card from the Pepsi Zero Sugar Fall Football Instant Win.
geekybanana won some candy from the American Licorice Company Best Weekend Ever sweepstakes
huricane won a key chain from the Labatt Summer Instant Win sweepstakes
ceddy won a KFC gift card, a Skip the Dishes coupon and a Pepsi coupon, and gameprogirl won a $10 Skip The Dishes gift card from the Pepsi & Lay's Summer Of '22 contest
micheleccu won a Serena G water bottle worth $8 from the Gatorade Fuel Tomorrow sweepstakes.
Daniela won a Coke Cola water bottle from the Coke Cola Studio Canada contest.
bossy99 won a sports towel from the Mountain Dew Lake Life sweepstakes

Congratulations to all. I update this list every Thursday so if you win something, send me an email at and tell me about it. I'll add you to next week's list.

For those of you who are new to this site, let me tell you a bit about myself: I love to enter online sweepstakes and I love to win, even if it's something small like a movie ticket or a football. I spend hours each day finding and entering contests on the web and I've won lots of prizes. I have won trips, Xbox 360s (2 of them), electronics, books, games and much more. Every once in a while something turns up in my email box telling me I've won another contest and sometimes I'm surprised when I pick up my regular mail and find a prize parcel that has arrived unannounced. It's a lot of fun.

There are thousands of sweepstakes and contests online. Most are legitimate and are run by reputable companies but others can be shady and are simply a way of gathering email addresses. The trick is to find the good ones and this is where I can help. I do my best to find the most interesting contests and sweepstakes and list them here on my web site. My work will save you hours.

If you're going to start entering contests online, there's some things you should know - like how to get your browser to fill in forms automatically. Check out the link Contest Tips to find out how to do this along with other tips I'd like to pass on to you.

This website is still a bit of a work in progress. I have been updating the sweepstakes lists daily and I have plans to add new features as time goes on so please come back often.

I love to win and so will you. When you win something, send me a note and I'll add your name to the winners list above.

Enjoy, and good luck.


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