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Welcome to my sweepstakes web site. I'm Linda.

Today is Thursday, December 8 and I have 2,310 sweepstakes listed - 43 new in the past 24 hours.

Here's the Winners List for December 8th.

Ericka won a $3,263 ice skating rink from Nice Rink and USA Today in the Nice Rink November sweepstakes.
Melanie won $2,500 from the Box'd Spring Refresh sweepstakes.
McKenzie won a queen size mattress and 3 months of meals from Sirrve from the Motherly 12 Days of Giving sweepstakes.
ai22 won a pack of Nitro Pepsi worth $21 from Fooji, a water bottle worth $20 from the Gatorade IWG, and an ebike worth $1,999 from the Campspot 12 days of Campmas giveaway. $1999
tripper2365 won a $1,999 king size Naturepedic mattress, a $27 bundle of a 12 pack of Body Armor sports drinks and a water bottle from the Body Armor giveaway, a $10 Silverback Dragon silver bar from Bullion Max, and a $5 Starbuck's gift card from the Starbuck's for Life contest.
rickstar1 won a trip for two to Napa Valley, California that includes a one night stay at the River Terrace Inn and two tickets to the the Napa Valley Wine Train worth $1,300, from KOST 103.5 and iHeart Radio.
Starbear won a Moon mug, two Asteroid Cups and a book, all worth $934 from the Cherrico Pottery Blog Moon Mug & Book giveaway, a 3-night stay in Las Vegas worth $970 from the Traveler Lux: Fall Las Vegas Vacation Giveaway, and a set of ten UNI FAN SL V2s from the Lian LI 300 UNI FAN SL V2 giveaway.
relgeo won a mood lamp, a camera and a Bluetooth speaker worth $400 from the Celebrate your way with iogo contest, and a Friends First Platinum membership to Massey Hall valid for one year, including a behind-the-scenes tour, and invitations to special events throughout the year worth $250.
Gail C won a $500 Visa gift card from the Lucky Strike Pick 'Em sweepstakes.
P_Weezy415 won a selection of Hasbro board games and Beyblade toys worth $364 from the Toys R Us 7 Days of Hasbro giveaway.
wishgypsy won a $250 gift card from the Kohl's Build-A-List sweepstakes
Bonsai won a sleeping bag from the Moosejaw 20 Days of giveaways.
Lisa G won a $150 digital gift code to from Modelo, a Rawlings Impulse backpack from the Baseball Savings and Rawlings 12 Days of Christmas sweepstakes, and a Silver Dragon Silverback from the BullionMax Silverback giveaway.
Kim won 6 dozen golf balls from the Team Titleist Monthly sweepstakes.
Johnnyjr won one of the daily prizes from the Radio Flyer 25 Days Of Holiday giveaways
glcnewdays won four Zippo lighters worth $125 from their Holiday sweepstakes.
Roscoe2013 won two $50 prepaid cards from the Kraft Heinz contest, and a book from Goodreads.
spanishpoet won a charcuterie board from the Wine Rack 12 Days Of Holiday giveaways
joshua1987 won a $100 gift card from the Pepsi Share More Joy Holiday Instant Win sweepstakes
BAILEYGINGER won a $100 Visa gift card from the Pepsi Share More Joy Holiday Instant Win sweepstakes
sthibert67 won a pair of Vermont House shoes from Queen City Dry Goods on Instagram.
jasb won a $50 ShopRite gift card from the Juntos Ultimate Family Party giveaway, and a Buffalo Bills t-shirt from the Miller Lite Football 2022 instant win game and sweepstakes.
windycitylaura won a $75 gift card from Seashellco contest, and a pint of Halo Ice Cream from Halo Top.
rosiealeo1 won a Silver Dragon Silverback from the Bullion Max giveaway, and a book from Goodreads.
Jinxsmom1 won a collection of spices worth $35 from the McCormacks instant win game, a water bottle worth $20 from the Gatorade sweepstakes, and a $5 Starbucks credit and 10 Bonus Stars from the Starbucks for Life sweepstakes.
Kmn711 won an air fryer from the Hot Pockets Instant Brands sweepstakes.
carlcarl won a $50 Target gift card from the Pure Life Share-A-Scare spookstakes.
davyboy1234567, stymchuk and Roscoe2013 each won a $50 gift card from the Kraft Heinz Add a Touch of Joy contest
lynnekb62 won a coke and popcorn at AMC theatres from the Sprite Zero Sugar Black Panther sweepstakes, a Bud Light koozie from the Bud Light sweepstakes, and an Ohio State beanie from the Coors Light 2022 Ohio State Football sweepstakes.
ccarey1980 won a puzzle from the Planters To All A Good Nut giveaway
micheleccu won some chocolates from the Ferrero Rocher Give A Golden Greeting sweepstakes
chacha6581 won a t-shirt from the Bud Light Seltzer NFL Celly Button sweepstakes
adr1001025 won a 12-pack of Nitro Pepsi from Twitter, and a water bottle from Gatorade sweepstakes.
Sharona won a $25 gift card from the Rockstar Energy Xbox Gaming contest
jjttbb won a water bottle worth $20 from the Gatorade Fuel instant win.
tjgocal won a $20 Venmo or Mastercard credit from the Keystone Light Holiday giveaway.
schnoodle won $20 from the Keystone Light Holiday giveaway
doves won a Christmas ornament from the Miller Lite Beernament giveaway
Alexander P won a $5 Amazon gift card from the Bill Hiatt giveaway.

Congratulations to all. I update this list every Thursday so if you win something, send me an email at and tell me about it. I'll add you to next week's list.

For those of you who are new to this site, let me tell you a bit about myself: I love to enter online sweepstakes and I love to win, even if it's something small like a movie ticket or a football. I spend hours each day finding and entering contests on the web and I've won lots of prizes. I have won trips, Xbox 360s (2 of them), electronics, books, games and much more. Every once in a while something turns up in my email box telling me I've won another contest and sometimes I'm surprised when I pick up my regular mail and find a prize parcel that has arrived unannounced. It's a lot of fun.

There are thousands of sweepstakes and contests online. Most are legitimate and are run by reputable companies but others can be shady and are simply a way of gathering email addresses. The trick is to find the good ones and this is where I can help. I do my best to find the most interesting contests and sweepstakes and list them here on my web site. My work will save you hours.

If you're going to start entering contests online, there's some things you should know - like how to get your browser to fill in forms automatically. Check out the link Contest Tips to find out how to do this along with other tips I'd like to pass on to you.

This website is still a bit of a work in progress. I have been updating the sweepstakes lists daily and I have plans to add new features as time goes on so please come back often.

I love to win and so will you. When you win something, send me a note and I'll add your name to the winners list above.

Enjoy, and good luck.


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